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Media players have evolved significantly over the last few years. While the multimedia players of the nineties could barely play a video in High Definition, the video players available today come bundled with tons of useful features. PotPlayer is a new entrant in the ultra-competitive media player market and it is brought to you by Daum Communications; the same company that released the extremely popular KMPlayer few years ago. Let's check out the features of PotPlayer in this review and decide whether it is worth our attention.

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PotPlayer's interface is minimal yet functional. It is quite similar to KMPlayer's interface but even if you haven't used that particular software, you should be able to familiarize yourself with all the available features in no time. Key features can be accessed by a simple right click while more advanced options are available via menus. By default, PotPlayer features a dark interface but several lighter colored skins are also available.

PotPlayer comes bundled with lots and lots of audio and video codecs. This enables it to play virtually all types of video and audio files. There is absolutely no need to download or install any codec manually even if a particular file format is rare or not supported by other media players. This feature alone is a huge plus since most media players support only most popular or a limited number of audio and video formats.

PotPlayer can playback media files from a wide variety of sources and devices. In addition to handling media files residing on computer or local storage; the software can playback files available through hyperlinks, FTP, analog TVs, digital TVs, DVDs, Blu-Rays, webcams, broadcasts and much more! The software even ensures that the playback is optimized correctly for the target output device. Finally, it even includes a powerful screen recorder with the option of live streaming available.

PotPlayer includes a powerful video editor which allows users to edit videos as per their preference. The in-built video editor makes it incredibly easy to enhance video quality, reduce noise, blur or sharpen a video as well as perform specialized operations such as rotating, mirroring or warping videos. What's more, the software even supports 3D and 360 degree videos for a totally immersive viewing experience.

All in all, PotPlayer is an incredibly functional media player. It is packed with tons of useful features to make video playback smooth and enjoyable. If you are looking for a feature packed multimedia player, PotPlayer could be a great option for you.


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